Cranberry POLKA POP
Cranberry POLKA POP
Cranberry POLKA POP
Cranberry POLKA POP
Cranberry POLKA POP
Cranberry POLKA POP
Cranberry POLKA POP
Cranberry POLKA POP
Cranberry POLKA POP
Cranberry POLKA POP

Cranberry POLKA POP

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Collection - Assorted
Rs. 720.00
( Pack of 12 )
  • No Sugar
  • No Calories
  • No Preservatives

350 ml per bottle - Available in Packs of 4, 12 & 24

Not only love, there'll also be fizz in the air! An ally for every mood, cranberry Polka Pop will elevate you with its sugar-free fizz and savory taste. The refreshing combination of natural cranberry flavor and sparkling water makes up for a great drink. You can mix cranberry Polka Pop with your cocktail or mocktail recipes and can even consume it as is. 

Guilt-free flavourful fizz before your berry own eyes!

Ingredients: Carbonated Water & Natural Cranberry Flavour



Polka Pop is a fizzy hydrating drink with a flirt of flavour. You can drink it any time, any day, for any occasion. It’s perfect for parties, travels and also just as a refreshing drink after a long day.


If the mixer makes 70% of your drink, make it count! Polka Pop Sparkling Water - a zesty twist for all your spirits. Mix it up & experience now, the magic of Drink & Pop

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Arun Sarathy
Good sparkling water

Has the fizz but not the zing. The cranberry flavour has more of an after taste. My expectations were very high maybe that is why I feel let down by this drink. It is very definitely an acquired taste.

Promising Polka

Hi Guys,

First of all this is a great idea and I think I really needed a soda which is not sweetened in any way but still tastes amazing.
As far as the product, I love the peach and orange flavour. I found the cranberry flavour to be a little light, I personally would like the cranberry taste to be a bit more rich.

On the fizz, this is the area I really wish the product could be more fizzy. In addition I have noticed that if I don't consume it in one go the fizz is completely over in a few hours.

On the price, Personally I feel it is a bit expensive at Rs. 60 as compared to the widely available sugared alternative, which makes it a bit more difficult to consume it everyday for me.

Wish the best of luck to you guys though and hope you make it!

Naina Bhatia (via WhatsApp - verified by

Love both the peach and the cranberry, i drink it like water I use it in my drinks and make mocktails too ❤️ Am so glad you started sparkling water with flavours here it was definitely required!

Lovely and refreshing drink!!

Polka Pop sodas are truly refreshing, flavourful and can be had without guilt. Delivery and packing is also excellent.

Vidya Gupta (via WhatsApp - verified by
5 stars...

Excellent flavours and no artificial sweetener!! That’s the best part. And when my order was delayed and I enquired about the delay I got a prompt reply. Very pleased with the prompt response.

Frequently asked questions

What is Polka Pop Sparkling Water & is it healthy?

Sparkling water is fizzy (carbonated) water. Polka Pop Sparkling Water is better than your usual sparkling water as it is flavourful, refreshing & the perfect fizzy drink without the sugar, sweeteners, preservatives, sodium or calories. It is perfect to have as it is or mix with your favourite white spirit. 

With Polka Pop, you can replace your “seemingly healthy” diet soft drinks and tonics. If you’ve just gotten on a diet, or are trying to cut down all the junk (we mean ‘sugar’) from your life, Polka Pop is the perfect drink for you!

How is Polka Pop 0 calories?

Polka Pop contains only carbonated water, & natural flavour! Natural flavours are essentially flavour oils and not fruit juices. Fruit juices contain sugar & calories in some form whereas natural flavours don’t! Water is also calorie free and therefore Polka Pop is 100% zero calories.

Isn’t Fizz harmful for me?

Well, all carbonated drinks available in India have traditionally contained sugar, sweeteners, chemicals, calories & what not (read toilet cleaners? :p). Therefore your association of fizz with ‘unhealthy’ was not wrong, until now. 

Carbonation by itself is just gas and as is the law of nature - what goes in, comes out. Other than that, Polka Pop contains nothing in it to harm you. If you’d like to get a little scientific, all carbonation really does is produce carbonic acid which is what gives a fizzy drink that sting we all love. Our pH levels are also more neutral (see what we did there!) at ~4.5 when compared to super acidic soft drinks (~2.5 pH).

I’m on a diet. Can I drink Polka Pop?

Yes - 100%. Regardless if you’re on Intermittent fasting, Keto, Paleo, Vegan, Atkins or any other form of diet, Polka Pop is the perfect beverage for you. We don’t use any sugar, sweeteners and our drinks are 100% zero calories. What’s better than fizz & flavour while on a diet? ;) 

I have diabetes. Can I drink Polka Pop?

Yup! We don’t use any sugar, sweeteners or calories making it the perfect fizzy drink for you. We’re not kidding - you can have this without worry or regret (or getting beaten up by your family!) 

Do you offer COD? 

Yes, we do Offer COD on all orders. There is a Rs. 50 COD charge levied on each order. Please ensure you enter your WhatsApp number while placing a COD order as you shall get a message to confirm your order. COD orders are only dispatched once we receive a confirmation from you. 

How much is shipping & how long does it take?

All orders have FREE shipping! COD orders have a charge of Rs. 50.

We dispatch your order within a day of receiving from our warehouse in Mumbai & Chennai. Once dispatched it may take anywhere between 3-7 days to get delivered. Please ensure you enter your WhatsApp number while placing the order to get regular WhatsApp updates.

How do I contact the Customer Care team?

The best way to get in touch is via Whatsapp - 9080165518

You can email us at

Our team will respond to you within a few hours. We are working on making it even faster. You shall receive a plan of action from our team in less than 48 hours of filing a complaint. 

Why should I subscribe to Polka Pop?

Good question! Subscription with Polka Pop is arguably the best decision you’re ever going to make. Why? Polka Pop is one of those habits that you, your family, your dietician and your doctor shall be proud of. You’ll always have something to satisfy your cravings - be it during the day or in the middle of the night. You shall also always be stocked up to make you & your friends your choice of Drink&Pop. 

We shall also give you exclusive first access to any new Polka Pop goodies, you shall be privy to new flavours, products and shall also get face-time with Gaurav our founder whenever you want (even at 2.a.m on a Saturday!)

Not just that, it is extremely easy to start, pause, skip - all through a simple WhatsApp message or email. 

Oh, and the best part - you have the best discounts on Polka Pop across all platforms, all the time :) 

Can I skip/ pause a subscribed shipment?

You can easily pause, skip or resume your shipment via Whatsapp by texting us at 9080165518 or by mailing us at