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Polka Pop

Cranberry POLKA POP Sparkling Water | Pack of 12 & 24

Cranberry POLKA POP Sparkling Water | Pack of 12 & 24

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Not only love, there'll also be fizz in the air! An ally for every mood, cranberry Polka Pop will elevate you with its sugar-free fizz and savory taste. The refreshing combination of natural cranberry flavor and sparkling water makes up for a great drink. You can mix cranberry Polka Pop with your cocktail or mocktail recipes and can even consume it as is. 

Guilt-free flavourful fizz before your berry own eyes!

Ingredients: Carbonated Water & Natural Cranberry Flavour


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Customer Reviews

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Deepak Setty

Cranberry POLKA POP

Roshni Shroff
Tastes amazing can't believe it's sugar-free

I recently tried to cut out perceivably unhealthy, sugary, flavoured drinks and replaced them with Polka Pop. I can honestly say that I really don't miss the sugar and feel like my craving for such drinks have yet been satiated. It's absolutely amazing.

Arun Sarathy
Good sparkling water

Has the fizz but not the zing. The cranberry flavour has more of an after taste. My expectations were very high maybe that is why I feel let down by this drink. It is very definitely an acquired taste.

Promising Polka

Hi Guys,

First of all this is a great idea and I think I really needed a soda which is not sweetened in any way but still tastes amazing.
As far as the product, I love the peach and orange flavour. I found the cranberry flavour to be a little light, I personally would like the cranberry taste to be a bit more rich.

On the fizz, this is the area I really wish the product could be more fizzy. In addition I have noticed that if I don't consume it in one go the fizz is completely over in a few hours.

On the price, Personally I feel it is a bit expensive at Rs. 60 as compared to the widely available sugared alternative, which makes it a bit more difficult to consume it everyday for me.

Wish the best of luck to you guys though and hope you make it!

Naina Bhatia (via WhatsApp - verified by

Love both the peach and the cranberry, i drink it like water I use it in my drinks and make mocktails too ❤️ Am so glad you started sparkling water with flavours here it was definitely required!