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Polka Pop

Orange POLKA POP Sparkling Water | Pack of 12 & 24

Orange POLKA POP Sparkling Water | Pack of 12 & 24

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Add a little sunshine to your day with Orange Polka Pop! It's the perfect fizz to squeeze out your dehydration and keep you upbeat. Its every sip is like a delicious break that keeps you refreshed. Make the most of it as you make all your drinks fizzy and guilt-free. 

Or'ange you glad to have some guilt-free fizz!

Ingredients: Carbonated Water, Natural Orange Flavour


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Yajnesh Shetty
Great product!

I am on a keto diet and this is just perfect for me. Great product+

Sanat Pandit (via WhatsApp - verified by

This is a second review, because that's how good Polka Pop is. It's brilliant as a mixer and definitely a good, healthy substitute for sugary aerated drinks. It gives the same satisfaction as drinking a cold drink minus all the sugar.

Raihan Ahmed (via WhatsApp - verified by

I was very intrigued when i saw the promotion of this product called Polka Pop and instantly wanted to give it a shot. Its Sugar free and void of all artificial sweetners. The process of ordering was as easy as a breeze and delivery was prompt and quick. All four flavours
were crisp and refreshing . Its an amazing drink without any calories. Its a must try thirst quencher , an amazing product.
Rehan Ahmed.

Ruchira Sengupta

ORANGE POLKA POP (350ml Each) | Pack of 4, 12 & 24

Amazing taste

It is so refreshing and great taste!