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Polka Pop

Lemon-Lime POLKA POP Sparkling Water | Pack of 12 & 24

Lemon-Lime POLKA POP Sparkling Water | Pack of 12 & 24

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You can not hide the goodness of Lemon-lime can not hidden but only make it with some fizz! Its appealing taste and refreshing flavour is perfect to serve at a get-together or a walk in the sun. Try it once and you'll see it become your favourite hydration buddy. Have it all day long as you mix it with your daily drink or sip it as is.

The best pick-up lime you can find!

Ingredients: Carbonated Water & Natural Lemon-lime Flavour

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Customer Reviews

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Aparna Vijaykumar
My absolute go-to fizz!

I’ve been using Polka Pop for a few years now. I’ve moved from wiping out stocks on instamart to a monthly subscription of pop and it has now become a part and parcel of the few must haves in my fridge today. It’s been a god send to beat the summer heat - SO refreshing!

Why do I love it so much? It is just the perfect combination of a fizz + guilt free drink. Not overly carbonated, the perfect amount of flavour and feels as healthy as water! It’s also extremely versatile as a mixer - I can quickly whip up a nice mock tail or cocktail for my sugar loving friends AND give my sugar conscious friends a low calorie drink. Seriously, what more does one need??

My only guilt with this drink is the amount of plastic I end up disposing. I really wish these bottles could be reused or recycled, and there was an efficient system around it. At least for your monthly subscribers, if you could pick up the old bottles while dropping off the new batch, that would be fantastic.

Much love to the team! Thank you for a fab product.

Tekla Maira (via WhatsApp - verified by

I love the product! A refreshing taste which goes beyond being just water! The subtle taste adds that extra combined with the fizz! Truly something that lifts my spirits every day !

Vivek Shukla
Love it

I have become a regular polka pop consumer. I need a refreshing drink daily but don't want the calories or artificial sweeteners so Polka pop was the best fit for me.

Raihan Ahmed (via WhatsApp - verified by

I was very intrigued when i saw the promotion of this product called Polka Pop and instantly wanted to give it a shot. Its Sugar free and void of all artificial sweetners. The process of ordering was as easy as a breeze and delivery was prompt and quick. All four flavours
were crisp and refreshing . Its an amazing drink without any calories. Its a must try thirst quencher , an amazing product.
Rehan Ahmed.

Puneet Minhas (via WhatsApp - verified by

5 stars...