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Frequently asked questions

Why should I subscribe to Polka Pop?

Good question! Subscription with Polka Pop is arguably the best decision you’re ever going to make. Why? Polka Pop is one of those habits that you, your family, your dietician and your doctor shall be proud of. You’ll always have something to satisfy your cravings - be it during the day or in the middle of the night. You shall also always be stocked up to make you & your friends your choice of Drink&Pop. 

We shall also give you exclusive first access to any new Polka Pop goodies, you shall be privy to new flavours, products and shall also get face-time with Gaurav our founder whenever you want (even at 2.a.m on a Saturday!)

Not just that, it is extremely easy to start, pause, skip - all through a simple WhatsApp message or email. 

Oh, and the best part - you have the best discounts on Polka Pop across all platforms, all the time :)

How can I subscribe to Polka Pop?

Subscriptions are available on packs of 12 & 24. To subscribe, you can pick your favourite flavour or combo pack, and hit subscribe. That’s it!

What are the different Subscription Models at Polka Pop?

You can subscribe to 1 or 2 cases per month of 12 or 24 bottles of Polka Pop.

Can I skip/ pause a subscribed shipment?

You can easily pause, skip or resume your shipment via Whatsapp by texting us at 9080165518 or by mailing us at