Our Values

Excellence in work, consistently

We shall all strive towards doing not just good work, but excellent work, consistently. This means that we shall constantly work towards being a better version of ourselves and also help the team become a better version of themselves.


Integrity is a value we hold close to our heart. We are good people and we will continue to stay so. We work with the best of intentions and would like to maintain the highest standards of integrity and respect when dealing with people, be it our customers, our vendors or our teammates.

Communicate, every time

Never assume communication is understood. Be it positive or negative, comfortable or uncomfortable, we believe that communication is the important thread that ties this company together.

Question everything, empathetically

We believe that nobody knows everything about anything. There is always room to learn and grow. Don’t be afraid to disagree, question and dissent, but make sure you understand where the other person is coming from before you do so.

Try things, take risks, assume responsibility

Try out new things, and assume responsibility for the outcome - doesn’t matter if it fails. Own it.

Be thrifty, without compromise

Operational excellence and efficiency is of paramount importance. This means best-in-class cost control measures, without compromise on quality of product or service.

Keep the planet in mind

We love our planet and are thankful for everything that it provides us with. We are not in the business of destroying our planet and will work hard every day, invest time and money to create a business that cares for our planet as much as it does for our customers.

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