About Us

Polka Pop is India’s First 100% Naturally Flavoured Sparkling Water Company that was established in 2020. Yes - our product has been conceptualized, formulated and manufactured all in India! We came across the beauty of sparkling water while travelling, and we were fascinated by this simple, yet refreshingly delicious product! We were baffled by the fact that sparkling water was a hit among the health conscious community, and it got us wondering. 

So began our journey. We dug deep and uncovered the mysteries that lie under the bubbles of sparkling water. We started experimenting and quickly fell in love with the product and knew we had to bring it back to India. What started as a spark of curiosity is now a company hoping to introduce a way of life and uplift the Sparkling Water Movement in India!

Our Team:

    1. Gaurav Khemka: (Founder and CEO) - Visit LinkedIn
    2. Roshan Thadani: (Head of Operations) - Visit LinkedIn
    3. Kavya Avula: (Creative Head)-  Visit LinkedIn
Customer Support: 

E-Mail - admin@duhkaar.com