Just like Gaurav, our founder, the health-conscious population in India was stopping drinking sugary carbonated beverages. 'Diet' drinks were filled with sweeteners of all kinds - not a sustainable lifestyle choice. When Gaurav went to the United States to pursue his Masters (2018), he was surprised to see people sipping on a fizzy drink called flavoured sparkling water.

It was bubbly, flavourful and without sugar or sweeteners.

Wait, What?!

He absolutely loved it, but he was baffled as it seemed too good to be true. And it was! While visiting India later that year, he realized that the Indian shelves were filled with these sugary, diet drinks. In fact, he (to this date) has a corner in his room with almost every fizzy drink available in India. On seeing this gap, he decided to take matters into his own hands. He interviewed the health-conscious, understood what made them switch, prototyped Polka Pop and got people to try it.

In late January 2021, Polka Pop was born with 4 flavours - Lemon-Lime, Orange, Peach and Cranberry. As a young brand, Polka Pop is proud of its ability to show people that they can have their fizz and drink it too! We are building our team of passionate, health-conscious fizzy-cists (🤭) to grow Polka Pop into a lifestyle!

Our mission is to make healthy living fun and accessible. We are committed to reforming your supermarket shelf & filling it up with cleaner drinks (that you'll love!). We are aware that we use packaging to transport and store our products and strive to become a plastic-neutral company soon. This is just a start, a small step towards building a sustainable ecosystem around any business we operate.

We are grateful to be a partner in your journey to lead a healthier, bubblier (last one!) life.