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Polka Pop

Peach POLKA POP Sparkling Water | Pack of 12 & 24

Peach POLKA POP Sparkling Water | Pack of 12 & 24

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A flavor that is appreciated in all forms! Peach Polka Pop is the guilt-free solution to your fizzy cravings. The amalgamation of natural peach flavor and sparkling water creates a premium drink to perfectly replace any sugary soda. Sip alongside your meals and make it your best WFH bud.
We 'ap-peach-iate' your taste for a refreshing beverage with no guilt!
Ingredients: Carbonated Water, Natural Peach Flavour



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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Naina Bhatia (via WhatsApp - verified by

Love both the peach and the cranberry, i drink it like water I use it in my drinks and make mocktails too ❤️ Am so glad you started sparkling water with flavours here it was definitely required!

Raihan Ahmed (via WhatsApp - verified by

I was very intrigued when i saw the promotion of this product called Polka Pop and instantly wanted to give it a shot. Its Sugar free and void of all artificial sweetners. The process of ordering was as easy as a breeze and delivery was prompt and quick. All four flavours
were crisp and refreshing . Its an amazing drink without any calories. Its a must try thirst quencher , an amazing product.
Rehan Ahmed.

Puneet Minhas (via WhatsApp - verified by

5 stars...

My favourite flavour

I love the peach. It's great, but all the flavours are!

Amrita Parashar
Loved the product

I loved the three flavors - cranberry, orange and peach. Best part of 0 sugar.