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by Mariyam Rizvi on Jul 03, 2022



We could list compelling reasons that would probably make you want to switch to our sparkling water right away. First, we want you to know- What is sparkling water? 

How is it made? 

The carbonation makes it fizzy with no added sugar, minerals, or calories. So, we can safely say it is healthier than the heavily sweetened sodas and other drinks. It is also fun and fancier than just regular old flat water. But it does the job of water when it comes to hydration with a kick of bubbly refreshment.

Better Alternative:

Now that we have established sparkling water. Let us jump into how it’s a much better alternative. First, of all it's bubbly! 

10 points to team Polka Pop for the presentation! 

We can also agree it’s much more fun to look at than regular water. Even when making a nonalcoholic drink, switch the water with some Polka Pop and add the POP we are looking for. 

Love of nature:


Polka Pop aims to introduce 100% naturally Flavored Sparkling Water!

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You find drinks like dark cola, which contain hig hamounts of sweeteners, like high fructose corn syrup or sucrose, phosphoric acid, or caffeine which are all very detrimental to our health.

So, if your struggle with an immense love for sodas and are trying to quit by switching out to other juices but still crave the fizz, what better option than polka pop. We quench your thirst for your love of fizz in the healthiest way possible. Plus, we provide adequate hydration for your body to believe it is not hungry. So, it keeps your weight in check and is perfect for weight management.

Care for health:

As for some of us with troubled digestion, mildly carbonated sparkling water helps relieve indigestion. Most nutrition experts agree sparkling water is generally healthier than soda, juices, and even diet drinks. Whether trying to lose weight or lead a healthier lifestyle, Polka Pop is the drink for you!

We are not only trying to help you lead a healthier life, but we are also giving in our best efforts to improve the health of our environment. As our latest initiative, we have partnered with The Disposal Company. With their help, we aim to make Polka Pop Plastic Neutral and a Plastic Negative company. Now, we leave you with the responsibility to make a conscious decision.

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