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What you get for Rs.60 a Pop

by Gaurav Khemka on Apr 09, 2021

What you get for Rs.60 a Pop

Let’s start with what Sparkling Water actually is. 

Sparkling water is made by infusing water with carbon dioxide which either occurs naturally in certain springs or is done manually during the manufacturing process. [1] The misconception that carbonation is bad for you actually stems from the fact that most fizzy drinks on our shelves contain a lot of additives and sweeteners. 


100% Naturally Flavoured 

Polka Pop doesn't use any Artificial flavouring or Nature Identical flavouring. Nature Identical flavouring is only chemically identical to substances present in natural foods, but are artificially synthesized and often mistaken for Natural Flavouring. [2] With us, you don’t need to worry. Polka Pop is India’s 1st sparkling water that is 100% Naturally flavoured. This means that all our flavouring is extracted from real fruit and nothing else. 

Zero Sugar, Zero Sweeteners of any kind and Zero Calories

When we promise you that Polka Pop contains ZERO sugar, there are no catches whatsoever. We DON’T use any natural or artificial sugar substitutes in its place, just pure fizzy goodness. This means that on an average, choosing Polka Pop saves you from at least ~34g of sugar and ~100 calories per drink/bottle that you would consume otherwise. 

Why should you care?

From a very young age, we’re introduced to soft drinks off grocery store shelves and we develop a habit for consuming large quantities of empty calories (mostly from sugar) without even realizing it!  

Still not convinced? Here’s a list of just how much sugar is in a 500 to 600ml bottle/can of your usual soft drink [3] : 

  1. Cola based drinks - 64g of sugar ( 17 tsp ) 
  2. Other Soft Drinks - 52g of sugar ( 13 tsp) 
  3. Tonic water - 45.6g ( 11 tsp) 
  4. Fruit juice - 49g of sugar ( 12 tsp ) 
  5. Energy Drinks- 54g of sugar ( 13.6 tsp)
  6. Packaged Iced Tea- 26.4g of sugar ( 6.6 tsp) 

Find out more about how much sugar is in your everyday beverages here:

Read more about the calorie content in each of the beverages mentioned above here:

Polka Pop is more than just sparkling water. Polka Pop is the lifestyle change you’ve been waiting for that supports your resolve to be more mindful of what you consume. When you choose Polka Pop, you get to enjoy the fizz that we all love with none of the guilt and none of the bad stuff. No catches and no conditions whatsoever! 

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