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by Gaurav Khemka on Jul 03, 2022


The beauty of sparkling water is that it is very versatile and used for different purposes. We thought we could share some of our favourite Polka Pop Sparkling Water uses with you. 



Polka Pop provides a tasty & guilt-free refreshment at almost any point in the

day - after a workout, while working on your computer, watching a movie, or as a much-needed pick-me-up on a hot and tiring day. It has no sugar, 100% natural flavours, and can help liven up your water drinking experience during the day. A welcome break has given that most of us are holed-up inside our homes for the better part of the day!


There is nothing more satisfying than the feeling of drinking carbonated water along with a scrumptious meal. However, most aerated beverages on the market contain high amounts of sugar, preservatives, and artificial ingredients and are therefore not very healthy.


Polka Pop is a perfect complement to your meal as it is fizzy, fun, 100% natural, and comes in various flavors that you can choose from depending on the type of food and the time of day! It was hard for us to pick flavour pairings with cuisines, so we decided to recommend a few cuisines and dishes with which Polka Pop goes well instead. It is not an exhaustive list, but just a little something to get you started on the Polka Pop lifestyle. 


Nothing adds more character to a drink and a party than a perfect mix of flavours. Nothing gets the night (or day!) rolling better than a well-prepared Gin & Tonic, Long Island Ice Tea, or a Margarita. However, most of these mixes

made with drinks or mixers that are high in sugar. While it doesn't seem to matter after a certain number of drinks, the amount of sugar can add up - not to mention that alcohol has its fair share of sugar. 


Enter Polka Pop! 

The perfect savior, made with 100% natural flavours, mixes perfectly with your choice of alcohol. We've tried it with Gin, White Rum, and Vodka and loved they pair. With 0 sugar (no artificial sweeteners), you won't have to worry about your tasty drink having too much sugar! 


If you're driving or not feeling up to consuming liquor, a bottle of Polka Pop served in a tall glass with a lot of ice will hit just the right spot. 

Read a few of:  Polka Pop-inspired mocktail and cocktail recipes on our blog. 


We never run out of ways to drink Polka Pop! Here are some occasions we've felt the need for a nice cold bottle of Polka Pop Flavoured Sparkling Water. Lounging with a book over the weekend, watching the match with our buddies, during family movie night, while eating a romantic home-cooked meal, or our current favourite - during a never-ending Zoom call!

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  • Raja Balani
    Jul 08, 2021 at 00:09

    As I ordered Polka Pop Sparkling Water
    the drink was amazing and refreshing :)
    Would definitely order again. :D


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