The Polka Pop Mantra for Lifestyle Change

If you know the origin story of Polka Pop, you know that it all started when our Founder, Gaurav, wanted to keep the fizz in his fridge but without the added harmful ingredients. So, instead of giving up or giving in, he decided to take the matters into his own hands. He introduced a healthy fizzy drink in the shape of flavoured sparkling water to the Indian Market by the name of Polka Pop.

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We, at Polka Pop, believe that if we want to see a change in the world, we’ll have to be the change itself. Making our mantra for a lifestyle change to find what all needs a change for the good and then become that change. Now, this is not an easy 2-step process, it is rather a journey that we should not be scared to embark on. 

Our bodies and minds are heavily influenced by our lifestyle choices. Therefore, making it our responsibility to make the right choices. At the beginning of this journey, you may see yourself taking a few detours or going on the wrong path, but don’t let that stop you from reaching your destination.

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You must have heard, “Every drop counts.” This is because even the largest of oceans are nothing without tiny drops of water. Similarly, when working our changing our lifestyle, every small decision we make in the right direction is a big win for our bodies and us. The moment you put down your glass of sugary soda to pick up Polka Pop or take the stairs instead of the lift, you’ll notice that you’re much closer to the destination than you thought.

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