Sparkling Water vs Flavoured Soda Water


Many people confuse sparkling water with flavoured soda water and think they are exactly the same. Although they both are quite similar, they have subtle differences, and even taste a little different from each other. Let’s dive into some of these differences - we’re sure you’ll find them quite interesting!


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Sparkling water, as we would like to call bubbles with benefits or water with fizzy fun. It is prepared by infusing water with carbon dioxide under high pressure during manufacturing. Sparkling water may also be naturally carbonated if the carbonation process (the bubbling) occurs organically in a spring or a well. 

Contrary to this, Flavored Soda water or your colas is carbonated water with dissolved minerals such as potassium sulfate, sodium chloride, disodium phosphate, and sodium bicarbonate to enhance the flavour. It might have more bubbles and fizzier fizz due to higher carbonation levels.


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In India, from a very young age, we begin to label any fizzy drink as ‘unhealthy’, but it is very rightly said that half-knowledge is dangerous. Fizzy drinks are unhealthy and that might be true for the most part until now. Drinks get unhealthy and not so good for your body if they contain a lot of additives, sweeteners, artificial flavour, or preservatives. Fizz in itself is just air and is not harmful. In fact, some people like to have it to help with digestion.


Another notable difference is the taste. Sparkling water has a more subtle and delicate taste when compared to soda water. Sparkling water, in short, is very natural-tasting. It can be consumed by itself without the need for adding something. But we also have naturally flavoured Sparkling water available now (Yes! We mean Polka Pop!). That opens a door for those who want to give sparkling water a try but don’t want to miss out on the flavour.

Sparkling water is the ultimate option for people who enjoy subtle flavours and fizzy drinks without compromising the healthy part. It can be consumed as it is or as a mixer for making cocktails or mocktails. It goes amazingly well with all kinds of food as well.


Sparkling water provides proper hydration unlike, soda water but with the refreshing feeling of sodas and other drinks. So you won’t be missing out on anything if you make the healthier decision of choosing sparkling water over your sugary drinks.

In conclusion, Sparkling water is regular water with the magic of bubbles and fizz that is carbonated with tons of minerals like soda water. Both these are carbonated drinks but vary in a lot of aspects. 

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