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Is sparkling water BAD for your teeth?

by Gaurav Khemka on Nov 30, 2021

Is sparkling water BAD for your teeth?

The questing might raise a few eyebrows but the answer might surprise you completely. After all, it’s not easy to forego the crisp and refreshing taste of our favourite sparkling water. Not to forget how good it makes us feel mentally about choosing a healthier alternative as compared to any of the sugary drinks.

To understand if sparkling water affects your teeth, we must understand how carbonated drinks affect your teeth. Carbonated drinks are loaded with sugar or artificial sweeteners, which leads straight to major tooth issues like cavities or decaying teeth. Moreover, these carbonated drinks are highly acidic in nature, which leads to tooth erosion.

So now you know why you should leave those fizzy drinks aside and opt for a better and healthier alternative, which is unsweetened sparkling water. But then comes our main concern, is sparkling water bad for your teeth? And the answer is no! According to a Journal of the American Dental Association, the refreshing fizz in sparkling water is caused due to carbonation causing tooth erosion. A variety of popular sports drinks were found to be extremely erosive, as compared to sparkling waters, which are way much less erosive in nature. 

In 2001, at the University of Birmingham, a team observed seven distinct brands of sparkling water, by pouring them over extracted teeth to observe the results. The results showed that sparkling water had a pH level between 5 and 6, as compared to carbonated drinks wherein the pH levels range between 2 to 2.5. The pH level of water is 7 which turns out to be completely neutral. This experiment clearly shows that sparkling water is not likely to be harmful to your teeth at all!

Moreover, according to the U.S. News & World Report, the article mentioned that consuming carbonated, sugar-free drinks may not turn out to be a serious condition leading to cavities or any other tooth issues for an average, healthy person. And as obvious as it may sound, sparkling water is a great way to cut down on all those sugary drinks.

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