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Is Sparkling Water bad for athletes?

by Mariyam Rizvi on Jul 03, 2022

Is Sparkling Water bad for athletes?

Carbonated beverages:

Enjoying a carbonated beverage once in a while will not significantly affect an

athletic career. What causes any problem is making a habit of it. Having a soda (filled with sugar) regularly will lead to unnecessary calorie intake and weight gain. Soda offers no vitamins or minerals to bolster performance. 

Having too much sugary soda will discourage you from drinking water, which is a must for any exercise. Both sweetened and diet soda lack the essential electrolytes you need after working out. Sports drinks also have the same ingredients as these sodas. Such carbonated beverages can slow down gastric emptying. 

So, carbonated beverages filled with sugar and sweeteners are a hard pass! What's the solution?

Sparkling Water to the rescue:

We know sparkling water is also a carbonated beverage but it is calorie-free.

It offers a hydrating alternative to still water. It is as hydrating as tap water and has the fizzy fun you crave. Polka Pop Sparkling Water comes with no sugar or added preservatives- 0 calories! 

Registered dietitian Erin Palinski says, "Sparkling water counts toward your daily water intake." 

So, feel free to grab a Polka Pop before or after working out without thinking much. The carbonation in it may also be helpful with stomach distress. It enhances gut health and helps alleviate bloating that occurs when you've been exercising for a long period. 



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