All about The Disposal Company

Who are they?

The Disposal Company is India’s First Plastic Credit Platform dedicated to reducing waste. Started by Bhagyashree Bhansali Jain in New Delhi, The Disposal Company helps subsidize the ethical recovery and safe disposal of plastic waste which would otherwise end up in landfills, burned or be flushed into our oceans. 

We had a conversation with Bhagyashree during which she explained to us everything she knows about creating a sustainable environment and how her team and her help other companies and individuals do the same.

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 What do they believe in?

They believe in creating a circular economy by helping close the loop in the way plastic is recycled. Producing virgin or new plastic destroys a lot of natural resources. As noble as it is to recycle a plastic bottle by cutting it in half and making it into a chic flower pot, the bottle will cease to be of use after a point and will be thrown away. This is where circularity comes into play. The chemical composition of plastic is altered so that a new product with an equally important use case can be made from it. PET plastic bottles are often repurposed into polyester clothes, and milk pouches which are made of LDP (Low-density polyethylene) plastic are recycled into granules and used to make cow sheds, pens and other stationary. 

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The Seal of Sustainability 

The Disposal Company provides a Seal of Sustainability to companies that fund the recycling of plastic equivalent to the amount they use in their operations, making the company a Plastic Neutral Brand. They develop recycling infrastructure to carry out these processes and provide ethical wages to all the waste workers they employ. 

We’re excited to have received our Seal of Sustainability and aim to make Polka Pop not only Plastic Neutral, but Plastic Negative with their help. 

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How can you play a part?

As a part of the Polka Pop family, you will see a little box at your checkout page which allows you to make your purchase Plastic Neutral. On checking that box a small sum is added to your order. This is the amount we need to recover and recycle the PET plastic used in your order. 

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What can we do to save the environment


As an individual or a brand, you can also approach The Disposal Company for personalised plastic disposal solutions. We’ve linked their website below!

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