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A Letter to all the Soda Addicts

by Mariyam Rizvi on Jul 03, 2022

A Letter to all the Soda Addicts

Dear, you

First of all, I’d ask you not to worry as you’re not the only one who’ll realise that this letter might just be for them. You’d be surprised to know that almost 49% of people in the country drink soda on a daily basis, and most of them won’t be able to resist their daily drink of fizz, and this can be, very well, qualified as an addiction.

Sometimes, you won’t even realize that you’re stuck in the vicious soda cycle, so let me help you see it. Have you already had a soda today? Were you planning to have one soon? Is a huge pack of sodas a must on your grocery list? Do you, subconsciously, order a soda while ordering your food?

If you said, ‘yes’ to most of them, you’re probably on the road to soda addiction but don’t be too hard on yourself, it’s not completely your fault. 

Most sodas, nowadays, contain an ingredient called Caffeine, which I am sure you all are aware of. It’s the same thing that’s found in your tea and coffee, which is why most of us can’t go a day without them as well. But the problem with sodas is that they also contain a lot of harmful chemicals and unhealthy ingredients, unlike tea or coffee.

You must have heard the saying, “Too much of anything is not good.” 

Now, you can imagine how ‘not good’ too much of something bad would be. Sodas have a very detrimental effect on your body. Consuming sodas can harm your teeth and bones, and cause a sudden rise in blood sugar levels, drowsiness, dehydration with numerous other health issues.

These problems don’t surface immediately or that quickly which is why they may go unnoticed and uncared for, but in the long run, they get hard to deal with. 

I, too, have been in your soda-craving shoes, and I, too, didn’t realize it early on, but again, it’s better late than never. So, it’s your turn to take the matter into your hands. The good thing is, I am not asking you to leave the Fizz behind, but just the chemicals that come with it in sodas. Yes, you heard it right! You can have your fizz and not feel guilty too. Try Polka Pop, India’s first naturally flavoured Sparkling Water.

Try it, love it, buy it again!

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