Polka Pop Mocktail Recipes

Summer - Tea se

by Mariyam Rizvi on Dec 22, 2021

Summer - Tea se


  • Tea decoction- 30ml
  • Lime juice - 10ml 
  • Mint leaves - 5 to 6
  • Ice as required
  • Peach Polka Pop- 175ml (half bottle)
  • Lemon slices - 4 


  • To make the tea decoction, brew the tea of your choice and let it cool. We recommend Earl Grey or Black Tea
  • Pour the lime juice, tea decoction, lemon slices and mint leaves in a tall glass
  • Muddle it well to release the flavors
  • Fill half the glass with ice 
  • Top it up with Peach Polka Pop and stir it well. It is ready to serve now
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